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Stigmavir isn’t real. But HIV stigma in health care is.

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1 in 5
people living with HIV are denied health care because of stigma.

It only takes a subtle action to make someone with HIV feel unwelcome and unsettled. A strange look, a step back, doubling up on gloves, or isolating them in a separate room—studies show that actions like these can make people living with HIV internalize stigma, leading to depression, treatment avoidance, and negative health care outcomes.

Positive health care spaces make people living with HIV feel welcome and respected; resulting in stronger relationships with health care providers, better quality of care, and more positive health outcomes.

At Casey House, we’re working to help improve health care experiences for people living with HIV everywhere. That’s why we created Stigmavir to challenge stigmatizing behaviour, asking health care professionals “is Stigmavir right for you?”

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Real people.
Real stories.

Hear from people living with HIV, and a professional in the field, about their experiences facing HIV stigma - and the positive effects of compassionate health care.

HIV Advocate

Hear about Amutha’s experiences navigating the health care system, both for herself and for her son.

HIV Advocate

Watch how finding the right doctor can make a world of difference for people living with HIV.

HIV Advocate

Hear from Yassir, who shares his advice on how to deal with HIV stigma in health care.
Dr. Ed Kucharski

Dr. Ed Kucharski,
Chief Medical Officer

Learn how Casey House creates a safe space for people living with HIV and how it leads to more positive health outcomes.

The fight against HIV stigma starts with you.

Join us in creating more stigma-free spaces by:

  • Accepting patients who are living with HIV
  • Educating yourself on HIV transmission and suppression (e.g. U=U)
  • Treating patients living with HIV with the same respect as anyone else
  • Refraining from asking inappropriate questions, such as how someone acquired the virus
  • Maintaining confidentiality about a patient’s HIV status
  • And more

Find more resources in our anti-stigma kit, featuring tips for creating a more welcoming environment and signage to show your commitment to creating safer spaces for people living with HIV.

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About Casey House

STIGMAVIR was created by Casey House, a specialty hospital in Toronto unlike any other providing ground-breaking care to people living with and at risk of HIV. We offer inpatient, and outpatient services that meet clients where they are in their individual journeys of health and wellness, and actively dismantle barriers to care and safe living.

As a hospital that strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe, we’re also tackling the deeply ingrained stigma associated with HIV.

With bold ideas and brave partners, we make the humanity of each client the heart of everything we do.

Together, we can #smashstigma.

Commit to being stigma‑free

We’re giving you the tools and information about HIV to help you create a more compassionate space.
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